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With this message we are announcing a new online news service newsslice@healthyschools.org for the community of schools, parents, school personnel, and decision-makers interested in improving school facility environments. Subscribers are signing up daily from www.healthyschools.org. The goal of this service is to provide you with just a few brief but useful and newsworthy postings every week from a wide variety of organizations. Postings will be archived in the news section of our website.

This is a self-subscribed moderated list, meaning, that you may subscribe or unsubscribe to newsslice at will. Your replies and postings will return to Healthy Schools Network for review before reposting to the list.

Please share your news clips and announcements about local activities, policies, workshops, building sciences, children's enviro health, adult occ health, and events.

A special message to listers on NATLHSCONF@bigmindmedia.com and NYSHEALTHYSCHOOLS@bigmindmedia.com: all participants on both lists have been transferred to newsslice for distributing online news items. The original lists will stay active for advocacy and internal communications.

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