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About Us

Founded in 1995, Healthy Schools Network is an award winning 501c3 that has fostered the national healthy school environments movement. It is widely recognized as the nation’s leading voice for children’s environmental health at school. As an EPA and CDC partner, its expertise is also recognized by Congress, NGOs, university centers, NGOs, and the media.

It promotes collaborative research and policy development, and advanced systemic reforms in three core areas defining children’s environmental health at school:

  1. Environmental public health services for children at risk or with suspected exposures at school.
  2. Child-safe policies for housekeeping and purchasing (targeting indoor air pollutants, mercury, pesticides and other toxics, and the use of green and healthy/safer products).
  3. Child-safe standards for school design, construction, and siting.

In 1996, to assist parents with health-impacted children, we developed the EPA-award-winning Healthy Schools/Healthy Kids Clearinghouse©, which offers dozens of fact sheets, guides, and peer-reviewed reports.

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