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Representing Westport, NY, PTO, Claire Barnett urges NYS Board of Regents at public hearing to require healthy school environments for children


New Policy: NYS Board of Regents issues School Environmental Quality advisory committee report


NY Healthy Schools Network’s first statewide coalition organizational meeting

Packard Foundation journal identifies New York Regents’ Guiding Principles as one of the first efforts to establish children’s environmental health in policy

New Research/Service

New Research/Service: Healthy Schools/Healthy Kids Information and Referral Clearinghouse launched; first ever  guide for parents on environmental health at school Parent Guide on IAQ in Schools State coalition that secures $125m NYS bond act to replace 300 coal-fired boilers in New York City and Buffalo public schools


Law: Pushed by HS Network, NYS enacts comprehensive regulations on school indoor environments based on the State Board of Regents 1995 report.

New Serivce: Fostering state coalitions Responding to requests from out-of-state NGOs, we foster multiple state-based groups to create environmental health policy reform coalitions


Policy Launch: First-ever user-friendly Guide to Green Cleaning


We establish Coalition for Healthier Schools ©

Original Research: Landmark survey led by HS Network and NYS Association of School Nurses finds many nurses know of children impacted by school pollutants but will not tell parents

Funding: President Clinton cites HS Networks’ survey of school nurses on impacts of buildings on children in NY in message to Congress; $1.2 billion appropriated for school health and safety repairs

New Award: National Healthy Schools Hero Awards launched

Law: NYS enacts Network-championed law requiring prior notice of pesticide use in schools


Convened by HS Network, New York City parent associations in the World Trade Center impact zone to press for cleanups of schools impacted by the disaster’s pollution

Urge Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to  investigate outbreak of rashes affecting 1000 children in 100 schools in 27 states; some schools decline to let CDC staff  enter schools to  investigate

Award: Clearinghouse wins first of three awards from US EPA



Original Research:  HS Network co-publishes Schools of Ground Zero, a report on the evacuations and occupants of schools in the impact zone, with the American Public Health Association

Law: The federal Healthy and High Performance Schools Act enacted; authorizes Department of Education to publish a study on how school environments impact children’s health, defines a healthy and high performance school, and authorizes grants.

Law: HS Network-championed NY law banning arsenic-treated wood playground equipment passes in NYS


First annual National Healthy Schools Day; online NewsSlice debuts, offering culled news to the growing healthy schools community

Law: HS Network-champions law banning elemental mercury in schools passes in NYS


US Department of Education declines to publish mandated study on children’s environmental health; anonymous source ships us a copy; we scan and post online.

After Hurricane Katrina, Coalition for Healthier Schools calls on Congress for child-protective emergency plans and clean-ups

Policy: NYS Education Department and NYS Energy Research and Development Authority agree to develop high performance school design standards


Award: HS Network receives National Recognition Award from US EPA’s Office of Children’s Health Protection for our parent publications

Law: Supproted by HS Network, NYS governor issues executive order and wins state law requiring all state agencies and all K-12 schools to use green cleaning products

New Service for Kids: HS Network champions development of statewide pediatric environmental health network; legislature appropriates over $1.5m to expand pediatric services


National Policy: HS Network creates National Collaborative Work Group on Green Cleaning and Chemical Policy Reform in Schools

EPA awards national grant to Healthy Schools Network to lead National Healthy Schools Day


Award: Second award from US EPA: National Special Achievement Award for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Schools

Funding: Coalition secures added funding to EPA for indoor air in schools

Award: Collaborative for High Performance Schools’ National Green Apple Award for Advancing indoor air quality in school design

Law: Shaped by HS Network, the Federal High Performance Green Buildings Act enacted, authorizing EPA to issue first-ever guidelines for states on school indoor environments and on school siting and to offer state agency grants

Law: Pushed by HS Network, the NY Education Department issues voluntary high performance schools design standards (NY-CHPS); New York City School Construction Authority issues “Green Guide” that meet green-build mandate and embeds High Performance Schools features


Award: HS Net receives Partnership Recognition, Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSU):

HS Network-convened National Collaborative Work Group on Green Cleaning and Chemical Policy reform opens new website with  training tools and model state bill text

New York Governor’s executive order on green procurement establishes interagency program


Coalition for Healthier Schools members brief new agency leaders at EPA, CDC, and Education


Work Group on green cleaning calls on EPA EPA’s Design for Environment program to commit to transparent standards; groups present panel on “green washing” at the

American Public Health Association convention, featuringchemical industry lobbying

Law: HS Network champions NYS law bans ornamental use of herbicides outside schools and child care centers


National Association of School Nurses reportd on  new survey: 40% of school nurses know children affected by pollutants in schools but  reluctant to tell parents


Award: HS Net receives 25th Anniversary Outstanding Partner Award from Green Seal (international eco-labeler of green products)


Research: HS Network hosts Environmental Health At School: Ignored Too Long conference, issuingfirst ever policy recommendations for environmental public health services for children with exposures in schools/childcares


Towards Healthy Schools: Reducing Risks to Children issued – national state by state data and policy  indicators

Award: Appreciation Award from the Walter L. Cohen Alumni Association, New Orleans, LA, for assistance in preventing the first African American high school in that city from being demolished and rebuilt on a toxic site

Law: Championed by HS Network, NYS Safe School Drinking Water Act passed, requiring all public schools to test at the water tap for lead and to post their results.


Award: Executive Director Claire Barnett honored with American University’s WK Reilly Award for National Environmental Leadership and Governance

Award: Claire Barnett honored with American Public Health Association’s David P. Rall award

Award: Healthy Schools Network’s third designation by EPA as an Indoor Air in Schools Champion

Eliminating Lead Risks in Schools and Child Care Facilities national workshop co-hosted by HS Network.

Policy statement on establishing new public health systems for children with exposures adopted by American Public Health Association


At the request of the mayor of Flint, MI, HS Net creates a workshop on hazards in schools, focusing on lead


Research/Policy: HS Network The Pandemic v. Schools: States Must Guide Schools on Reopening, Slowing Spread of Virus , calling for schools to have infection prevention and control plans

Research: With Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health/Health Security, HS Network researches the lack of state agency action on assessing damages after disasters before schools were reoccupied.


HS Network holds virtual summit COVID, Climate, Children, and Schools and publishes follow-up report

Federal Policy: CDC calls for modified infection prevention and control plans in schools


Funding: HS Network champions school districts eligibility for funding under NYS’s $4.2M climate and green jobs bond act, later approved by 67% of voters

Federal Policy: HS Network holds second virtual summit COVID, Climate, Children, and Schools and publishes follow-up report calling for schools to operate as critical infrastructure; American Public Health Association adopts new Pandemic Policies targeting schools

HS Network Executive Director Claire Barnett is appointed to the National Advisory Committee for Children and Disasters

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