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Category: Clean Air

Clean Air
EPA bans last form of asbestos used in United States

The US Environmental Protection Agency said Monday that it is taking a “historic” step by banning ongoing uses of asbestos, which has long been linked to multiple types of cancer.

Harvard Professor Joe Allen is the founder of the university's Healthy Buildings Program.60 MINUTES
Clean Air
Indoor Air Quality and the REAL Original Sin

Thanks to CBS 60 Minutes on Sunday Oct 29 for featuring Harvard’s Joe Allen on IAQ: “The original sin of the pandemic was the failure to recognize airborne transmission”.

Clean Air
Protecting Children from School Air Pollution

With robust funding from congress, EPA can activate Biden’s languishing Clean Air in Schools challenge with expanded national outreach and technical assistance to states and schools and communities.

Clean Air
Earth Day 2023

We strongly support CLEAN AIR IN SCHOOLS for all children on Earth Day and every day. Schools must have clean indoor air to keep children and staff healthy, reduce absenteeism, and to stay open longer when severe weather threatens.

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