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Disasters: COVID & Climate

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Children Wearing Face Masks at School

Preparing Public Schools in the United States for the Next Public Health Emergency, a peer-reviewed public health policy statement adopted by the American Public Health Association, 2022, collaboratively authored by Molly Polverento, MSEd, and Claire Barnett, MBA, et al.


National Healthy Schools Summit 2022 report: COVID, Climate, Children & Schools, Healthy Schools Network, 2022


National Healthy Schools Summit 2021 report: COVID, Climate, Children, & Schools, Healthy Schools Network, 2021


Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools Technical Assistance Center, US Department of Education


COVID-19, Pandemic Response, Infection Prevention and Control

WEBINAR CDC Says It’s Airborne: What Schools Can Do Now to Boost Ventilation and IAQ, Healthy Schools Network and the Collaborative for High Performance Schools, 2021


National Call to Action: Pandemic v. Schools, Healthy Schools Network and New Jersey Work Environment Council, July 2020
Calls for federal-state public health agencies to help schools develop and implement Infection Prevention and Control Plans that call for clean air, clean water, and clean facilities.


WEBINAR  Disinfecting & Schools: Panel Presentations and Discussion, 2020
To see video use passcode: YG+EYf?9


Worried About the Virus at School? Stay clean, stay healthy: use tools for healthy schools, Healthy Schools Network, 2020


Climate Change and Other Disasters


Children’s Health & Wildfires, Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units, 2023


Children’s Health in the Aftermath of Floods, Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units, 2020


Climate Chaos, Kids and Schools, slideshow, Healthy Schools Network, 2013


Caution: Hurricane Sandy Cleanup can be Hazardous! NY Committee for Occupational Health and Safety, 2012


BP Oil Spill: Keeping Kids Safe, Healthy Schools Network, 2011
A message for communities, schools, parents, teachers, and child/youth organizations about oil spill contaminants and children.


Protecting Worker and Occupant Health from Sewage in Floodwaters, NY Committee for Occupational Health and Safety


Ground Zero Parents in Their Own Words: Practical Advice to Schools and Parents. Healthy Schools Network, 2002, 2005
Survey of parents’ responses in spring 2002: 8 pp, highlights the advice from parents of children that attended Ground Zero Schools.


Schools of Ground Zero: Early Lessons Learned in Children’s Environmental Health, Healthy Schools Network and the American Public Health Association, 2002
The only contemporaneous account of the decisions to evacuate and re-occupy seven public schools following the World Trade Center attacks of September 11th, includes parent survey data on new onset health effects in school children.


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