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A HEALTHY SCHOOL FOR EVERY CHILD:  Eliminating Hazards in Schools and Child Care Facilities

… making every school a safe and nurturing place for every child...



School and Childcare Officials:

  • Notify the Community: Send home a letter detailing your school's drinking water initiative or other efforts to reduce onsite hazards.
  • Present a Review of Facilities to the Board and to the Community.

Teachers and Students:

  • Classroom Tip Sheet: Identify and prevent potential IAQ problems.
  • Safer Pest Control (IPM) Poster: share this one, or make your own for your schools or child care center.

Facilities Staff:

Communities and Nongovernmental Organizations:

  • Sample Op-Ed: Personalize and submit this Sample Op-Ed, "Women, Children, and the Environment: What’s Happening at Your School?," to your local paper.
  • Host: IAQ Workshop: Present and discuss child environmental health and indoor air quality using US EPA's IAQ Tools for Schools.
  • Host: Green Cleaning Workshop: Present and discuss how to phase in green cleaning products.
  • IAQ TfS Action Kit: Urge your school to obtain a free IAQ Tools for Schools kit and to draft an IAQ Management Policy.
  • Healthy Schools Day Proclamation/Resolution: Ask your elected officials to support healthy school environments.